Reflections of a Blogger

Storytelling is my art. I started this blog as a forum to release my creativity and share my stories of traveling and inspiration -something to re-spark my imagination and regain my voice as a writer.  As I began to post more often about my most recent trip I came across a couple personal puzzles.

What to write and how to write? 

As a Marketing professional, I can easily analyze my blog and decipher which days, times or types of posts will gain more likes and views. I could post about things that I know will gain attention. I can add photos and tag other sites, or even write with SEO in mind. It’s an easy instinct. But that’s not the purpose of my blog. While the likes and comments will always feel good – others appreciating my work -this blog is for me. It’s my story. If I don’t share it with true integrity then what’s the point? While it is my story, my hope in creating this blog was that in re-inspiring myself I may be able to inspire others as well.

How much to share?

Again, this is my story. None of these blog posts are made up. They are all true perspectives on personal experiences. With that said, this is always the online world where anyone and everyone can read the posts. How much about my personal life or whereabouts should I share? This one I’m still wrestling with. I can’t achieve the full purpose of this blog without writing with integrity and vulnerability. How do I balance this with ideals of security? If any fellow bloggers have ideas or other opinions on this my ears are open.



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