Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver

This month my friends and I read Animal Dreams. We all enjoyed the book, but we found it difficult to explain the plot-line or summarize the what of the story to other individuals.

Frankly, it’s quite a read. Barbara Kingsolver dives into the human experience. The story begins very obscure, and well a bit odd. But that is true to Kingsolver’s writing style – obscure, interesting, and extraordinarily thought-provoking.

The story revolves around Codi. She moves back to her hometown to check in with her ailing father. At the very beginning you learn a few things about Codi, she feels out of place in her own skin, she considers herself an orphan and she had a miscarriage at the age of 15.

Kingsolver takes us on a journey with Codi as she explores the ideas of family connections, love, dreams, trauma, death and the essence of home. Codi has to come to terms with her past. Remember it, accept it and let it go. Only in doing so can she accept love and find a sense of purpose and home. It’s the ultimate “What am I, why am I here, where in the world do I belong, how can I keep living despite the hardships …” exploration.

I truly enjoyed this book as I have of Kingsolver’s other great novels. However, the ending seemed rushed and incomplete.

***Potential Spoiler Ahead***

Kingsolver does a beyond fantastic job in setting up the story allowing the reader to deep dive into Codi’s mind. Through almost 300 pages of despair, and what can only be described as depression, all of sudden, out of nowhere, Codi sees the light in a sense.

I re-read and re-read Codi’s euphoria moment probably 3-5 times wondering if I missed some powerful meaning somewhere. I didn’t. And I’m not alone in this assessment. The story-line set the reader up for a couple crucial conversations that never occurred, or that the reader doesn’t have the chance to experience. There were a few questions left unanswered.

Again though I did enjoy it. It’s one that makes you think, question and re-consider. A great story for a book club for sure. It allowed us to explore the literary elements while sharing our personal experiences on family traditions, deaths and relationships.

If you’ve read it, let me know what you think. Only $9.80 on Amazon here.

Book Club has Begun!

Book clubs! It’s a fun way to spend time with friends. Regardless of hectic schedules, we must take the time to devote to the amazing people in our lives.

Recently, my friend decided she wanted to start a book club. We needed to stop thinking about planning a girl’s night and actually make this happen. And why not read a great story while we are at it?

I’m definitely what you would describe as a “book lover.” Or maybe book addict is more fitting. Any member of my family has a story of my younger self with a book in my face as a child.

As you can guess, I’m excited. I get to read and connect with friends sharing perspectives on stories. And I intend to share with you!

Check out this blog each month for my book addict’s hit or miss list. We’ll read stories of inspiration, adventure, romance and more. I’ll give you my perspective, and you can share yours. Any genre can / will be selected.

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