“Unsafe” perceptions and real statistics

Travel to foreign lands really freaks some people out. People  look at news stories, which will always be skewed by the negative. They watch television shows, which purposefully give more attention to the drama.

But reality is, you are safer than you probably think you are in those unknown foreign lands.

Last month, I said “Go anyway” despite the fears and anxieties of travel.

A few days ago, I saw this article on Matador Network.  It displays research by a travel company called Stratojets. They surveyed thousands of people and investigating different city’s and country’s crime rates.


It wouldn’t be a surprise to you I’m sure to hear that many people perceive Tijuana, Mexico to be very dangerous. However, according to Stratojets, New Orleans, Louisiana has a higher murder rate than Tijuana. New Orleans also has a higher murder rate than Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Please excuse the lack of accent marks, I can’t seem to add it).

But then there’s also the flip side, like the places we perceive to be safe but actually aren’t. For example, Kingston, Jamaica had a perceived danger threat lower than Johannesburg, South Africa, but in reality Kingston has a higher murder rate.

See the full study with info graphics here. 

What does all of this mean to me? 

It’s simple. We can’t judge places, communities, and people based solely on our preconceived notions. If are truly worried, do research. Crime statistics are easy to find. Don’t let what you heard through the grapevine or the flood of drama TV be the reason you don’t go.

*All images were originally published at Matador Network and created by Stratojets.