Daring to Celebrate ME!

Today is the first day of my birthday month! Yes, month! I know, I know it’s silly. However, yesterday I was looking for something to help me keep a positive attitude. Too often I let the little frustrations in life get to me. So instead, I’m taking all 31 days of my birthday month to do something for myself and celebrate ME!

Even the thought of doing this has plastered a smile on my face. I feel childish and giddy and I like it. It’s the perfect way to continue my journey of daring myself to take adventures leaps. My birthday month is my own dare.

I will celebrate all the different ways that make me me while daring myself to do crazy things just because. Yes, I can do this any old day, but a birthday month makes it extra special and fun. So I say why not?!

My friends on Facebook have given me a few ideas, but you are more than welcome to comment with your own ideas. And if you share August as your birthday month too, I won’t be upset at all if you steal this idea. Let’s all do it!

Day 1: I think I’m going to enjoy a nice face mask and hair wrap when I get home.

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