My Point Break Adventure Part 2

Defying gravity once again …

For the second part in my “Point Break Adventure”, I went Indoor Skydiving at iFly. It was my baby steps to preparing to actually jump out of an airplane.

I was a bit nervous when I arrived. The instructor called me to remind me to braid my hair first. I guess the small hairs can get pulled in the tunnel. Yikes! I braid my hair and make my way over to iFly. Technically, I’m supposed to be the host for today’s Women on Adventures event. There were a couple of others RSVPd, but I hadn’t met them yet so I wore my WoA tank top to help them identify me. I told my nerves to buck it up, I had to lead the group in this after all.

Our flight instructor brought us into a room to teach us the correct body positioning and the hand signals while in the tunnel. You can’t hear much so the instructors signal you when to straighten or legs, lift your chin or just relax. She then reminded us that it is a high intensity sport. When you see the videos it looks so easy, like everyone is just floating in the their air tunnel.

Nope! During my first flight I was quite surprised at how difficult it actually is. The air pressure pushes down on your body making it difficult to hold yourself still in the right position. And you have to hold it just right, any variance will make you twist around in weird ways. Once you get it you kind of glide around the air tunnel.

The second turn to fly comes quickly. At the beginning of check-in, they asked if we want to do the “high fly.” This is when the instructor takes you higher up the tunnel to really get the feeling of flying. Originally this was explained to me as a fast full 360 spin. I don’t like spinning sensations, so I said no. However, the instructors essentially force you to do it anyway. On one side it’s a bit annoying because it’s an extra cost, but at the other side THAT was an awesome experience. 

At first one of the instructors helped me get into position again back in the tunnel. Then before I knew it I was floating up and around. It was so cool! No stomach drop roller coaster sensation or dizziness. You barely even feel like you are spinning. It was quite a rush. I don’t really know how to describe, but I walked away with a ton of exhilarated energy.

I definitely have to say, NOW I am actually ready for the real deal. If it was that much of an adrenaline rush just flying in the tunnel for a minute I’m excited to experience the real thing.

The month is almost over, but I’m not done yet! My daring self won’t stop after August 31. I intend to keep this up for many more adventures to come.

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