American Drifter

American Drifter. I found this book after looking up Chad Michael Murray one day. I’ve been re-watching a few episodes of One Tree Hill to reminisce and I wondered whatever happened to the beloved actor that played Lucas Scott. Of course I went to the web and discovered he had a book out.

Chad Michael Murray is the co-author of American Drifter with Heather Graham. I had to read this!!

American Drifter is about a veteran who served in the Middle East. He’s a bit war torn struggling with nightmares and emotional stressors. River finds solace in Rio de Janiero and travels around with only a backpack.

One Tree Hill fans will remember the way Lucas Scott was so eloquent with his words and book quotes. Reading American Drifter you can almost hear that same tone of colorful descriptions and romantic imagery. Best yet, the audio version is narrated by Chad Michael Murray himself. Fans can enjoy the same rustic voice they fawned over during the show as they listen to the story.


The writing draws you in capturing the beauty that is Brazil. The traveler in me swoons. It’s majestic and romantic. It’s harsh with dangerous edges. Rio is home to wonderful natives and travelers alike. With this book, Rio de Janiero and the Christ the Redeemer statue becomes an absolute MUST on the travel bucket list.

The story takes off a bit slow as it creates the scene allowing the reader to become attached to River’s character, and develop a picture of his surroundings. For me, it worked. I loved hearing more about Brazil. For others, it may take a minute to get hooked but this is one of those you want to stick with to the end. Don’t put it down just yet.

American Drifter will take you for a ride. There are memories of bombs, romance and love, carefree adventures, drug dealers, and high speed chases. It’s fresh and different from anything I’ve read recently.

I read a lot so generally I can guess endings to most stories. They always follow the same themes. This time, I thought I had the ending pinged. But then American Drifter took quite a plot twist. It was intriguing and jaw dropping. It’s one of those where you finally put the book down in shock. I loved it! However, after reading I read a few other reviews for this and discovered quite a few people didn’t like the ending. It was too much of a curve-ball for them. I can understand that. I liked it because it was so different and unexpected. It’s all a matter of opinion and what you are expecting to read.

All in all I really enjoyed this book. With that said, I had a biases from the get go.

First, knowing it was Chad Michael Murray I knew I was going to at least somewhat like it. I’ve never read any of Heather Graham’s other books, but I may need to do so in order to see how Murray’s involvement impacted the writing. It was obviously a smart marketing move for whoever decided to put the authors together – to get those like me to pick it up for Murray’s name.

Also, Rio de Janiero has been on my dream travel list for a long time now. So of course I swooned. The book tells a lot about the history of Brazil describes the culture and mentions a few tourist attractions. It all sounds gorgeous. However, I haven’t taken the trip yet, so I can’t acclaim to how truthful the writing is. If you’ve traveled to Rio or are from Brazil, read the book and let me know.

Either way read it and let me know what you think. American Drifter is currently only available in hard copy or audio book. I found mine at my local library, but it’s one I’ll most likely purchase a copy to keep.

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